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Ski Rubber - Gripper

Ski Rubber - Gripper

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NEW for Winter 23 24

Another overlooked product! When was the last time you checked the float on your skis? Believe it or not proper ski pressure is important both on the trail and in the fresh!

We made sure to add just the right amount of both heal and toe pressure that would allow the ski to be slightly tip up when weightless.  This also provides far less ski tip flex allowing the ski to drive rather than plowing through powder and softer snow. These snug fitting ski rubbers are custom molded to the ski to assure they remain in place where you want em!



  • Compatible with Polaris Gripper Skis
  • Custom form fit to ski box ensures rubbers remain in place
  • Proprietary compound ensures unmatched durability
  • Corrective pressure positioning


Fitment: Polaris Gripper Skis 
Material: Polyurathane
Colors: Grey

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