Our Packaging

Quality doesn't just stop with our products; in fact, it begins with our packaging! Presentation is key in Retail and why we chose to design our own Custom Clamshell Packaging, proven to sell 4x that of the same product in any other form of packaging. For W25, ALL our products will be presented in this form of packaging, guaranteed to grab the attention of the consumers the minute they walk through your door.

The Finger Throttle

After 3 long years in R&D, we are excited to announce it is FINALLY here! The KYBER finger throttle is the most simplicated product in our line up, and yes we said simplicated! To protect all the hard work gone into this project, we are keeping all the features that place this on a podium of its own under wraps until late summmer when we unveil all our new products to the public. What can guarantee is, those who ride a Finger Throttle are for definitely going to want to wrap their finger around this masterpiece!

Throttle Guard

We designed our Guards face to protect not only the immediate line of the levers function, but as well to protect above and below, aimed to help brush and keep away unwanted interference. Its multi adjust design allows riders to position wherever they feel most comfortable, while still maintaining full lever protection.

Lever Heater Elements

A vast amount of R&D has gone into our custom designed, removable and replaceable Lever Heater Elements. Designed not only for our New Finger Throttle but as well, ALL our Brake Levers for W25 will be Heater Ready for easy Plug N Play installation. When temperatures drop, we guarantee consumers will be scrambling to get their hands on this luxury, literally!

The Controller

Riders will finally have full control over the heat being delivered and where it is being delivered as our Lever Heater System powers using the sleds accessory power source which allows the rider to control the grip heat independent to that of the levers heat. The full function of this system is beyond any other offered in the industry with full product details being unveiled in our public product launch late summer. These too are equipped with the same universal waterproof connectors for quick and easy plug and play installation.

Pig Tails

Converts the OEM Accessory Power source connector to our universal waterproof connectors used in our Plug & Play Heater System. These connect directly to the snowmobiles Accessory connector and supply power to the Controller.

Heater Ready Brake Levers

The once dream of a controlled heated brake lever is now a reality! For W25, we redesigned ALL our Brake Levers to be Heater Ready allowing the KYBER Heater System to be easily installed at anytime. While some may consider this to be just a luxury, we can assure once you’ve wrapped a finger wrapped around our adjustable heated levers you’ll never go without again!